• Introduction


With fully integrated and highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities in Surat Thani Province, Southern Thailand, we can provide the most widest range of solid wood product from KD sawn timber to pre-finished flooring

BNS Wood Industry

BNS Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-established ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer and exporter of Wooden Plank /Strip/Hand-Scraped Floorings and FJL Boards, real solid wood from top to bottom. We also supply Kiln Dried Hevea lumbers (unfinished) in various sizes.

All our products originate from Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) which is a medium density hardwood with a hardness similar to Oak and Teak. This makes Hevea relatively harder than most other plantation timber species. The drying shrinkage of Hevea is relatively low compared to most hardwood with same density and this makes Hevea more dimensionally stable than most other timber species used for timber flooring. Most importantly, Hevea is easy, biodegradable and does not produce toxic waste or fumes during production, use or disposal. Since Hevea comes from sustainable and manageable plantation resource it thereby considered as a true eco-friendly product.